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Tips and Tricks to better use your computer

Computers are part of our lives so it will be to everyone’s advantage to have some computer know how. But if you’re not a computer wizard, you’ll want a clearly written guide about the computer and how it works. With the right resource, like this website, you’ll find the basics on what a computer is, how to build a website, what the motherboard is, what binary is and about ASCII codes, all about computer memory, operating systems, programming, software and hardware and much more. Just because everybody knows how a computer works, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll know. With this site, you will find information on every aspect of computers with plenty of DIY suggestions. It will take you through all the nitty gritty of computers and if you want to build a website on here we will show you how to make sure its one that people will want to stop over for a while to view your offerings. You want to also have access to a computer blog that is constantly updated because computers, hard- and software are continuously evolving, and if you don’t keep up, you’re lost.

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