How dangerous are computer viruses?

Almost every PC user is faced with computer viruses at least once but thanks to antivirus software and fast cleanup, the problem is easily solved in most cases. However, the questions arises, Are computer viruses the future war that we will face? Unfortunately, computer viruses seem to be the future weapon that could quickly destroy us without a firing shot, and there is probably no immune arm force that doesn’t have to worry about viruses. No soldiers, tanks, aircraft or any weapon needed for this war. It seems that the near future will bring wars in other fashion. Human beings have become dependent on computers and other devices that can be easily hacked and destroyed. Antiviruses are not 100% effective from malicious viruses, but they can protect your software in many ways. It is important to know that people who create programs can easily create any computer virus as well. Get an antivirus that fits your needs if you want to avoid tremendous harm.

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