How to make a DIY computer projector

If you want to enhance your experience watching movies or music videos on your laptop or personal computer, and at the same time spare some money, the DIY computer projector might come in handy. You can find many step-by-step instructions on YouTube channels, but to put a DIY projector together, you will only need a large-sized cardboard box, duct tape and a compact lens (such as Fresnel lens). The projector will get the light from the computer’s screen, hence will be quite dim. Image sharpness and quality will be affected by the brightness of the screen and the darkness in the room, therefore make sure that all lights are turned off and curtains are closed before pressing play. It is important to put your DIY projector as close to the computer’s screen as possible. Note that the lens used for the projector will turn the projected image both horizontally and vertically, and it will make the text appear backwards. It is not that suitable if subtitles are used. Of course, the DIY computer projector won’t be a substitute for the real thing, but it can be used as a fun project to impress your friends over a movie night. DIY projectors can also work as a fun Holiday gift guide for those, who love to give handmade presents to their closest ones.

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