Recover files quickly on your PC with these simple steps

How upsetting is it to think that you could lose all the data stored on your computer in an instant? Computer users who have faced a data loss problem know how it can totally mess up a good day. When the computer is working but your files have been deleted permanently from the recycle bin, it is easy to recover files quickly using data recovery software if there is a backup for the files. The data loss problem is more challenging when you can neither start the computer nor boot it in safe mode. What further steps can you take? You could try booting your computer from a Linux Live CD or Windows Installation Disc. After inserting the disc, boot the computer and then recover your files on the Windows installation environment or Linux desktop. Connect an external storage device to your computer and copy your files. This method allows you to Recover files and photos from a broken Windows PC if the hardware is working. If this method fails to work, you can remove the hard drive and use it on another computer as an external drive using an SATA-USB adapter. A quick copy and paste procedure will enable you to recover files quickly. This is a fairly easy task, although removing the hard disk can compromise your warranty.


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