How safe are password recovery systems

Nothing is safe anymore and today people who thought their passwords prevented entry into their private technological word, better think again. Passwords can be bypassed and reset on all operating systems. You can gain access to a computer’s unencrypted files after resetting the password. Twitter’s password recovery system responsible for leaked information is proof of this. Twitter said that a bug in its system would have impacted thousands upon thousands of accounts had they not squashed it. This may not be good enough for Twitter users though because the bug may have displayed phone numbers and email addresses with affected accounts. Still, you have to do everything possible to solve password problems, and a password recovery service is a solution for recovering passwords but also to analyse operating systems’ security. Password cracking may lead to password recovery from data stored in a computer system. The point of password cracking is to help users recover a forgotten password to gain unauthorised access to a system, but also as a preventative measure to check for easily crackable passwords.

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