How useful is an IP address

The IP address is a collection of 4 octets with each having a number of 0 to 255. This address is used by other computers and networking devices to communicate with each other as well as enable communication. Much like the mail carrier, computers relate the unique addresses to specific devices opening up communication channels – including the Internet. However, if you are regularly on the Internet, it’s likely that you have come across trouble makers. These are individuals whose sole purpose seems to be to create short-term inconveniences for anyone using the Internet. One of the tools used to discover their identity is their IP address. This address is choke full of information. For starters, the information can be utilised to identify the ISP the person is using to connect to the Internet. This information will then provide an idea of where in the world the individual is browsing from. Based on this information, one can then report to the concerned authorities in the host country. Alternatively, the ISP has the capability to disconnect access to the Internet to the offending individual. It is no wonder that there are numerous stories of Missing children found through IP address .

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